NI Week 2012 and the AR Drone Toolkit

Awhile back I was contacted by an Applications Engineer at National Instruments who said NI was interested in releasing their own toolkit of VI’s to control the AR Drone.  He asked my permission to build their software on top of my toolkit so I sent him my code.  Now, I’m pleased to announce that the NI’s AR Drone Toolkit was released two weeks ago at NI Week 2012.  You can get more information and download it from

What does this new version give you?

  • Support for the AR Drone 2.0
  • An automated installer
  • Xbox 360 controller support
  • Animations (aka backflips and barrel rolls!)
  • More frequent software updates and bug fixes
  • The technical support of the LabVIEW Hacker team and larger NI community

Below is a bad-quality video of the presentation:

About Michael Mogenson

Graduate Researcher @ Tufts University
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1 Response to NI Week 2012 and the AR Drone Toolkit

  1. Icke says:

    wow.. ARDrone V.2 Supports … thanks . i still waiting for the inline viedo stream ..

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